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Specialists in Producing Quality Casework and Cabinetry Since 1980

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Practical, flexible, functional casework solutions


Design measurements in 1" increments


Guaranteed 7 day response upon change order

RJW Enterprises

"Jason Manufacturing offers our customers the opportunity to make product alterations in a simple way. We impose few design restrictions on the customer and we strive to ensure, that no matter what your need, we can offer alternative packages ranging from minuet details to entire project modifications."
Richard J. Wallenhorst II - President of Jason Manufacturing

Why Jason?

  • Design measurements offered in 1" increments.
  • Six year manufacturer's warranty on all products.
  • Guarantee 7-day response upon received change order.
  • Over 1000 choices of laminate.
  • Offer stock and custom colors of 3mm edging.
  • Laminate and Wood edging also available.


Our purpose is to provide a wide range of casework and cabinetry possibilities for your educational, business and health facilities. Our number one goal is to maintain flexibility in responding to various change orders and additional modifications that may arise before, during and after project completion. We have created a production system with the necessary support that gives design professional the flexibility of design measurements in 1" increments for their projects. Jason's unique size grants us the ability to quickly react to your casework and cabinetry needs.

Competitive Pricing

Jason Manufacturing pledges to price all our products at a competitive level. We are obligated to distribute superior valued products to our customers by way of focusing our attention on quality rather than rushed productivity. We are constantly comparing our supplier's products and prices to allow us to offer these savings to our customers.

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Rochester, NY 14606
Ph: (585)254-5050
FAX: (585)254-5063